Best Kendama Brands

The Kendama can be defined as a very addictive wooden skill toy. This toy has its origin in Japan and it is beneficial for a number of good reasons such as it improves reflex, it strengthens balance and improves hand eye coordination. The Kendama can be played by both the old and the young people. In addition, there exists several trick possibilities for seasoned masters and beginners. The Kendama is essentially made of the “Tama” (ball) and the “Ken” (handle), the ball is securely connected to a string.

The tricks of the Kendama are performed through variations of juggling its ball inside the three cups, using the Ken spike to spike the ball as well as balancing the two in new ways that are creative.
In order for someone to properly master the Kendama, it takes creativity, patience, focus and a great deal of practice.

The Kendama is an interactive, productive and simple toy which serves to strengthen both physical skills and mental skills during play. It really stands out form mainstream entertainment and computers because of its new creative ways to have fun and it simple design.

Kendama brands
There are a number of tricks to learn with a Kendama such as Moshikame, Toudai, Sekai isshu, Nihon isshu and Furiken. This is why it is advisable to get a high quality Kendama brand that is durable and that will perform interesting tricks.

The following are some of the top Kendama brands currently available in the market:

Elite Kendama
These Kendamas have a beautiful dual tone color. The wood handles on these products are of very high quality. The playability of this Kendama is simply amazing. The Kaleb Kendama has a long string. It is sold with extra string.

The Krom is indeed a solid Kendama brand. It has a favorable weight i.e. heavy and its weight distribution is also nothing short of exemplary. The oil finish on the product is superb and it produces fun sounds during play. The wood on this Kendama is very smooth. The spike responds very well even after several beatings.

Kendama USA
The Kendama USA is a brand that lays emphasis on playability and simplicity. It is made using birch wood. It is quit soft as well as light. It is a Kendama brand that is ideal for those who are looking for affordability without sacrificing playability.

Kendama Games
Karo is a Kendama brand that is highly respected by numerous top players in the world. Yamagata Kobou is the producer of the brand. It is a very playable Kendama that is good for beginners or even seasoned professionals. The products of this brand are all certified by Japanese Kendama Association and are manufactured in Japan.

This Kendama brand has a natural beech wood look as well as a basic feel. It is a good brand for consumers who would like to do their own customization. It has many options for users. Sweets has a production that caters for consumers of every skill set. It is sold with an instructional booklet, bead and an extra string.

The above list of Kendama brands is not exhaustive as there are many that are available in the market. However, the brands listed above are some of the best.

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